CECDO database

The CECDO is regularly collecting information from CDO’s relating to Oral Health Workforce, Dental Education, Costs and Oral Health Indicators. In addition CECDO is collecting examples of  guidelines, oral health plans and/or strategies relevant to oral health in the European region. This serves as a resource for Chief Dental Officers across Europe.

Because of delays in reporting data, the most recent national “figures” are inevitably for the year or two years previous to any CECDO survey. All data collected by the CECDO appear on two spreadsheets. The first is for the expanded European Union (EU) plus the four countries in the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland). The second is for other countries.

The data are updated from time to time as new ones are reported. The dates of the last update are shown in the top right hand column of each spreadsheet.

As well as the two spreadsheets, references for the surveys which reported DMFT figures for 12-year-olds can be found on a subpage. It should be noted that many of these references come from Government reports and other sources as well as the published scientific literature.

From time to time the data are published in CECDO reports and in papers in various refereed journals. Details of CECDO publications are available in a different section of this website.

Any comments or questions relating to the CECDO database should be e-mailed to Prof Kenneth Eaton, Adviser to the CECDO (kenneth.a.eaton@btinternet.com) and Dr. Paula Vassallo (paulavassallo@gmail.com)