What we do

  • We exchange knowledge and data between CDOs which can influence the current and future policy of national governments with respect of dental care. This is achieved by organizing two meetings each year, preferably in the country which holds the presidency of the European Union, to provide a confidential forum for this exchange of views.
  • We co-ordinate pan-European activities related to improvements in technology, dental care and dental education.
  • We take a proactive role in the development of programs designed to improve the quality of dental public health.
  • We publish articles and reports.

In addition the Council has developed a databank on European oral health, dental care, dental workforce and education. This databank will serve as a source of validated, quantitative and qualitative information against which programs to improve oral care can be measured.

The Council also maintains links with international organizations, research institutes and industry. Cooperation with European countries outside EU/EEA is also considered important.