Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe

As stated on its website (, the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe is a joint initiative of the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE), the Council of European Chief Dental Officers (CECDO), the European Association of Dental Public Health (EADPH) and the Dental Health Foundation (DHF). Its work is supported by the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program and GlaxoSmithKline and its secretariat is provided by the Brussels office of Hill and Knowlton Strategies.


The Platform has been created to respond to the Call to Action for Better Oral Health in Europe handed over to Health Commissioner Dalli by several Members of the European Parliament in 2010. The mission of the Platform is to promote oral health and the cost-effective prevention of oral diseases in Europe.


It seeks a common European approach towards education, prevention and access to better oral health in Europe.
Its goals are to:

  • Promote oral health and the prevention of oral diseases as one of the fundamental actions for staying healthy
  • Provide sound advice and recommendations to policymakers for action with regard to EU oral health policy developments
  • Develop the knowledge base and strengthen the evidence-based case for EU action on oral health
  • Address oral healthcare inequalities and the major oral health challenges of children and adolescents, of the increasing elderly population, and of the populations with special needs in Europe
  • Mainstream oral health across all EU health policies

Dr Paula Vassallo, the Past President of the CECDO is the current Chair of the Platform, for a 2 year period from 1 January 2015. Professor Kenneth A. Eaton, was the first  Chair of the platform and he is also the Advisor to the CECDO.

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